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Moo Hoo
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Neon Dayze

We provide a range of murals for every budget or project! Below is a listing of our mural variety listed from lowest complexity to highest. More details and mural picture references can be viewed through social media or requested through company email 


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01 - 150$

Half baked Selection

Choose a design from a predone selection of murals to capture on a bedroom wall or outdoor wall of similar size. With a design selected color can be adjusted, a maximum of 3 colors for these murals.

03 - 350$

Custom ramble 

A custom concept of customers choice. A name, animal, item or other can be requested to design for a mural. This has a 5 color limit. Includes design fee. Extensive designs will be our 4th option 

05 - 550$-1000$

Nudging vision

This mural would be a complex design involving 2 walls or a 1 longer wall. This has no color limit. Would most likely be for a business. 

02 - 250$

Free flow zone 

The design will be of the artists choosing with artistic freedom and have a maximum of 4 colors which can be selected by customer. Can be on a room wall, outdoor wall or other upon request of similar size.

04 - 450$-550$

Trek Complex

The design can be more complex than 03. Color limit is 8 colors and can be on a bigger wall space. Design fee is included and more client input into design is involved.

06 - 1000$ & above

Wall Slapz

This mural would be more than the average size of 2 walls. Have no color limit. Complex design for client while being an extensive project size. For the wild one off project. 

JUST FBM ALONE - PG copy.png

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Kyara Cabrera Fong 

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