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Graff Fashion Shootz 

The model will then need an outfit that will either be of their own design, or a design chosen by the artist Kyara Cabrera Fong which would include painting or drawing on the outfit or person as part of the aesthetic as well, given permission to do so. 

What you'll need 

This project is to emphasis how we take the first step into changing the view on controversial topics in our world. Graffiti in my opinion, is no longer vandalism, but now a prominent part of culture. I would like to stray away from traditional sense of graffiti and create a new genre of art involving mixing abstract art, graffiti concepts and fashion. 

am open to all models and people wanting to be involved because this is meant for everybody. Anyone can be a model and show their character, their persona. So why not take that and envision the feeling. If you'd like to be a part of this vision feel free to email the company at

Why Graffiti shootz?

Who can apply?

JUST FBM ALONE - PG copy.png


Studio Kodez Shoot


This graff shoot is done indoors in a studio. There are two current studio locations that are indoor. Limited spray can use. Regular paints will be used in this circumstance. 


Abandoned Kodez Shoot

The Graff shoot here is done in an outdoor location that has surfaces to be painted. Usually abandoned locations and in nature. 

Photograpgh taken by James Flux
Art done on left by Timmy Drift and Life in the streets. During an adventure to paint


Wrap it Kodez

The graff shoot is being done outdoors with the use of seran wrap to paint in more public locations. These are temporary and can be taken down afterwards. Leads to intricate installations providing the area has enough posts or trees to use. Optimal for groups.