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Spitty Hosts Networking at CineCycle Toronto

July 29 , 2022

Host of Event - Lankesh Patel "Spitty"

Author & Photographer - Kyara Cabrera "Kode"

Cince cycle is an establishment used for hosting underground events ranging from music ragers and now a networking event for artists across the GTA. Below you can see the beginning of the networking class filling to the brim with anticipating people coming to connect and learn.

Spitty, a well known rapper from Brampton Ontario hosted this event and proceeded with having a multitude of things to coincide with a slide show presentation. There were an assortment of vendors from different arts, A Q&A session during and after the presentation from the audience, and at the end there was a chance for people to go up to perform their own music.

Artists could come together to learn about how to move forward in their careers and make connections. Click below to check out Spitty and his latest ventures.

Presentor - Spitty

The presentation was thorough, going through multitudes of topics to help artists move forward in their career. The audience listened attentively as Spitty went through everything and had an abundance of knowledge to share. The rapper had been up to this point asked by many about how he got to where he was, leading to creating a networking class in order to get his audience and other interested folks insight into the journey he has faced to reach his goals as an artist.

Art above in 2 pcitures by "Kyara Cabrera Fong" or "KODE"

Vendors brought variety of intriguing arts and exciting refreshments to the crowd

Above is a natural juice bar on the right and left picture

The middle picture os of a hat sold by another vendor who sold and designed clothing.

Above is a vendor specializing in that Kawaii Aesthetic

See your vendor stand here? DM to add your socials and name onto the blog post

As the event was coming to an end Spitty gladly took time to answer everyone's questions in detail. The crowd also contributed to providing feedback and vital information to other audience members, There were even people in the crowd as young as elementary school participating. All in all the presentation portion was a big hit and left everyone feeling closer to their goals.

The masterclass ends with a list of participants presenting their music material to the crowd. It was organized by first come, first serve basis where as people came in they were able to sign up on a list to then perform. This was a vital part of the event. It gave everyone a chance to practice performance, show their skills and truly connect with one another through music. Genres were varied but mostly composed of rap material.

See yourself in the photos? DM @Kode_dipz to be featured in the blogpost and add your name and socials

Spitty slap up highlight, right outside of venue! also a sticker by @aikotomic

Flyer poster featured above.

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