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Skurted Solo Art show of #KODE905

206 Spadina Avenue Toronto ON

Event coordinator - KODE - Kyara Cabrera Fong

An October 2022 event taking the spice of halloween and adding Kode flair! This blog is a recapturing of "Skurted" There was an array of art on display, Live DJ set, KODE style photo shoots with two photo shoot areas, refreshments, a space to connect.

All angles of Skurted. Entrance with a wall of Kode Kanvas, Followed by a merch table, photo booth along side Dj setup, and a patio that also included a photo booth area!

Patio included a fabric wall set in turquoise and orange for people to paint on with any medium they'd like. Photo shoots were open to everyone not just models. Seating area was right in front of the wall of paintings to thoroughly enjoy. A scene capturing only some of the media KODE pursues.

We had models come in and strut their stuff, below is first model of the day Sarah Thoai.

Button of here socials of this model on the right.

Photo design meaning : In your mind is where you encapture energy that you use to feed planet earth. Plug yourself in and fine tune your surroundings with what you have. Your sense of being brings the connection you have in the now. Think in high regards and you will also rank higher, do the opposite and the same applies.

Below are three more photographs of Sarah Thoai, She is an open minded model and has an emphasis on doing many genres of modeling. Dependable, strong willed and kind. These are the qualities I try to display through adding the design on top of the model. A sense of ease, security and swagger through being an open individual with set goals.

Second model was Brandon below , strutting new KODE keychains too!

This piece is a funky collage style face shot, using a plastic mask witch was bedazzled with a little dazzly Fluff Buff Man!

The mask is depicted warping on one side to represent Brandons quick nature to capture the art scene. Very ambitious individual who runs on their own cloud. Mustache is also bedazzled of course, As the hoard of fluff men come into reality.

The photographs below depict Brandon with toy weapon and with a set of KODE keychains. All edited to represent the airy, in tune aura the model gave.

Favorite picture of the graff shoots of model Brandon Cowan ^

Walls splattered in art and a relaxing, laid back space for people to enjoy. Play fooz ball, have some good old timmies, chat and enjoy the space together.

Original Prints were on the wall for all to enjoy , Placed in a rainbow array.

There was a costume draw! where prize was one by the end of the event.

Jewelry is hand made by the family of KODE in a Y2K/KAWAII aesthetic

Also collage print of bus which was KODE'z personal favorite.

Biggest Thank you to the DJ KREW at Skurted for chilling and giving good vibes the whole night with the tunes. Below are the socials of both DJ'Z. They also got a graff shoot and became models for the day. An impromptu digital doodling depicting fun, whimsical feel, and pure energy

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