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KOLLAB Art show 2022 - TOPO / LIFE © / #KODE905

Updated: Jan 18

This Is the first ever blog post of Kode Dipz! Going through some of the things that went down at the Kollab art show starting from beginning to end. Look through and if you see a picture of yourself DM @Kode_dipz to be featured in a post highlighting the event. Kollab art show 2022 in Toronto

Featured Above is one of the first Kollaboration done by the three artists involved!

Was in Graffiti Alley in downtown Toronto ON Canada

Below a video of this Kollab piece

Soon after we started the task of putting up flyers! With a team of good peeps shout out to those who helped. Below is a highlight of the type of energy brought to putting up our flyers.


In the mouth they got the GABA GOO but it was all for a worthy cause as next you'll see the event unfold


Here you can see our handmade Graffiti XMAS tree. We took a white christmas tree and spray painted it with all different colors. We then went the extra mile and had made wooden ornaments for the tree and even hung up spray cans as well on the tree to emphasize its street. Below is some of the process of this tree.

Here in this snippet you also can see our custom made tarp murals for the patio experience

You can also see KODE's klassic nofrills tub for carrying paint!


Slide to the next picture to see the reveal of how the mural tarps panned out. It was a big hit and got a lot of photos taken, with people posing right in the middle. The two murals are up for sale currently for limited time on this website in the Kollab Sale section. Including other exclusive items from the show as well.


This below is a display of all the artwork brought together by these three artist and a display it was, There was a variety from the smallest trinket to the most intricate paintings.

We start with the merch table with our signature stickers we use to slap on streets and other things that are also listed for our week long limited time sale Jan 15 - Jan 22 of 2023.

Looking through you also see Paintings done by each artist and also MDF wooden cutout pieces along with photography art.


Being a sweetermans with Lucas Cabrera / Brandon Cowan / #KODE905

Check out the sweet face painting done on the rad mans face by LIFE © & KODE

Check out Brandon for blogs and snippets of the street art scene

Pictures of some of our guests and of the artists themselves

Remember to look through and if you see yourself shoot a DM to @kode_dipz for a feature on the next post on the Kollab event.


We even had some tshirt drawing thanks to Brendan Cowman bringing his custom collector shirt. Artist drawing is Alana Mccarthy , Click below for a tour walk through by Alana


The best Ad we put out for the Kollab event! and delicious too!

We also have our very first Kode events scroll! Well be making a youtube video on it and will be having one every Kode event. Come to future shows for a chance to sign it/ tag it and be featured on the youtube channel and other socials.

To end of Kollab we did one last kollab in graffiti alley way up high! shoutout to Urban Ninja Squadron for the Ups.

Below is the final product


Big Thanks to everyone who came out and made KOLLAB an astounding event on Dec 10th 2022. Shoutout to The venue Frank Correnti Cigars.

Links below to the socials of each artist involved

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