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Kode Dipz is an art business leading in bringing unique art concepts to life. It is run by KODE, an artist capable of different art forms. Including, Painting, Singing, Graphic design, Photography, and more. The driving force of this company is to dip into what the world has to offer and share it to others.

KODE is an entrepreneur taking pride on showcasing that the world is yours as long as you place your efforts into your adventure. 


Kode Dipz - Meaning 

The name of this company came to be because of these factors. 

Kode is meant to signify the age of technology and how we have become very centralized around using technology. How we are our own coding experts of our lives and write our own direction within our platform of earth. Kyara being born in 2000, felt it would be a funny correlation since they were born when the rise of electronics and social media. The "K" instead of the "C" is due to the name starting with "K" Also to be a joke on how we've become username centric and need to find "Kreative Waze" to have our usernames the way we want. When one is taken you make do with another.

There are a variety of services available, as well as products.

Feel free to look through the concepts that may suit your needs. We look forward to your business and are open to collaborations.

Dipz is meant to represent the nature of the artist, How they dip into multiple disciplines. The artist Kyara had taken autobody as a profession first in order to show that skills from this trade can be applied to the arts. This trade involved (sculpting, electrical, metal work, painting and chemical use) All which are needed to be a multidisciplinary artist. The skills learned there helped validate that art is everywhere in life. This trades job helped to be a better artist. Art is dipped and trickled into every area of life. Even in places you would not expect, Like the trades world.

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